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Amazing Arboricola


The schefflera arboricola plant is known by many names, but none do justice to its delicate leaves and lush growth. A popular potted houseplant in homes and offices, the beautiful bush fights indoor air pollution and can last for years when cared for properly. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving!

Sold out of green container, will be delivered in a natural wicker planter.

Delightful Dieffenbachia


Large, lovely leaves and a low-maintenance personality make the dieffenbachia a popular houseplant in homes and offices. The easy-to-care-for floor plant features colorful leaves in various shades of green that freshen up any corner. A great gift to send.

Divine Orchid


Divine Orchid


What could possibly be more divine than one lavender phalaenopsis orchid delivered to your door? Two, of course! these alluring lavender orchids add natural elegance to any environment.

Dulce Duet


Dulce Duet


When the guy – or gal – in your life receives this artistic arrangement of two white phalaenopsis orchids, planted side-by-side in a pedestal urn, they just might sing a sweet song to you! This elegant floral gift is like a double serving of beauty.

Container may vary based on availability.

Please select Friday or Saturday for your Mother’s Day deliveries as we will be closed Sunday 05/12/19. Thank you!

Glorious Gratitude Orchid


Show your gratitude for a special someone with this glorious living gift. Simply presented in a clear glass cylinder, these alluring purple phalaenopsis orchids add natural elegance to any environment.

Green Garden Bowl


Let them know they’re in your thoughts with this lush, soothing garden bowl.

Container and plant mixture may vary according to availability.

Green Garden Dish


A little slice of Eden delivered to their doorstep. This stylish geometric dish is planted with a variety of miniature plants. Plants and container may very from season to season.

Imperial Purple Orchid


Send Zen. A graceful purple phalaenopsis orchid plant potted in a modern bamboo container is an enchanting gift for any occasion.

Large Basket Garden


This impressive wicker basket garden of assorted indoor plants will be a warm welcome to any home or office. Plant may very from season to season.

Showing 1–9 of 16 results