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Bid Day Flowers Package 1 Classic Bid Day Roses

$84.99 $79.99

With these classic Bid Day roses, every new or seasoned sorority girl will feel special! Add a Greek decal for extra fun!

Bid Day Flowers Package 2 Designer’s Choice

$54.99 $49.99

Let our award winning designers create a beautifully modern arrangement for your special girl! These are artfully crafted with no two arrangements exactly the same! A one-of-a-kind creation for a one-of-a-kind girl!

Bid Day Flowers Package 3 Sorority Colors

$64.99 $59.99

Show sorority pride with this beautiful arrangement! Flower color is selected by your girl’s new sorority colors! Once we have the Bid Day list, each order will be filled according to sorority placement! NO WORRIES! We will handle the sorting for you.

Bid Day Flowers Package 4 Elegant Lady

$69.99 $64.99

Lillies and Roses share a timeless tradition of elegance and beauty. Send these to remind your new sorority girl to embrace the beautiful traditions and timeless friendships she is about to experience in her new sisterhood!